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This group of migrants to Rotterdam and region is our home. We come from all corners of the world
we speak different languages and each of us has a particular story about how he or she reached
Netherlands. But we have one aim: to make a bridge between us and the new country
we live in. We have been living in The Netherlands more than two years in average.
We are already
fluent in Dutch and we studied in the most various universities,
from the Middle East to Latin America and Europe. Still, we do not get
through. We believe there is
a chance through education,
alternative work opportunities and perspectives.


We give talks to all levels of audience about who we are, why we are in the Netherlands as migrants and/or refugees. The aim is to sensitize the society and let them be closer to our experience. Also, this is a way to practice the language and to express and answer to any question the Dutch society might have. These lectures are ideal for schools, higher education levels, companies and/or public spaces.


In partnership with the private sector and in public spaces, we organize trainings for people with less chances, name them refugees or migrants, people with social security or under unemployment. The trainings aim to dignify the participants, activate and update them. We move them out to be active and conscious about their chances in the job market of nowadays. Interested groups can also approach us to participate or organize a training.

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Interested in hosting a stirring lecture at your school, organization or firm? Do you want straight and direct answers to migration in NL? Suitable for schools, public audiences and firms working in the multicultural business sector.

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Are you a migrant and have an idea but do not know how to realize it in NL? Which is the best form for your new idea? Or is it, that your organization is looking for a local partner to execute a funded project?

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